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Uniphones to digital doorphones CD-2502/CD-3100

Unquestionable advantage of Laskomex doorphones is a large number of uniphones co working with them. Today, we offer 5 uniphone models in different versions, which differ in colour, specifications and features implemented. In addition to proven models produced by us for many years, we offer new solutions, which are formed on the basis of our experience as a doorphone manufacturer and observations and expectations of our customers. Our uniphones are made from the highest quality materials and their highest quality and reliability is guaranteed by the quality system, certified by ISO9001: 2008.

Unifony do domofonĂłw cyfrowych CD-2502/CD-3100

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Unifon LM-8

An excellent uniphone, which is highly acclaimed by users. It is characterized by original shape, ergonomic design, small size and attractive price. The uniphone is made of white, beige or black ABS plastic; it is also available painted with a silver lacquer.

  • LM-8W/-5 -Uniphone with a switch enabling step adjustment of calling volume.
  • LM-8W/1-5 -uniphone with a button to control an additional device, eg. gate.

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Unifon LY-8

A uniphone is characterized by a wide base, thanks to which it can be installed in place of the older models. Uniphone has a button enabling user to control a door release. The button is illuminated by a LED diode that indicates uniphone calling. Another button allows for controlling an additional device, eg. a gate-drive or staircase lighting. It can operate in one of two modes: at any time or only when the uniphone is activated (after the calling). It is possible to install button module that enables to control another additional device..

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Unifon LT-8

Uniphone designed to digital doorphone systems, which is similar in shape to an elegant phone with a large, stable base and a flat, well lying in hand handset. LT-8 model is adjusted to be mounting on the wall; however, it works as a device designed for desktop. Large and comfortable button to control a door release is placed under uniphone’s handset. The uniphone is available white and black.

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Unifon LF-8

It is one of the oldest uniphones produced by us, which is still on sale. This model was commonly used in analogue doorphones and kits for a single-family housing. It is similar in shape to Tesla uniphones and often replaces damaged uniphones of this company. Proven, solid design is still very popular, also in modern digital doorphones. It is available white and beige, and white.

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Unifon LG-8

Receiver-less and hands-free uniphone designed for digital doorphones working in duplex system (with a possibility to switch to simplex). It is equipped with adjustment of the call volume, two-step calling volume, calling switch off (turning off uniphone is signalled by a LED diode), and buttons controlling a door release or an additional device, e.g., a gate-drive. After connecting a bell button, it can work as a doorbell..

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