Nowe spojrzenie na bezpiecze˝stwo


General information.

New generation of monitors is based on new design and it change dynamically with development of preferences and technology. Monitor design is adapted to contemporary trends prevailing among interior designers and their design is based on the latest technical solutions and modern technologies available to manufacturers of electronic devices. As a company open to any innovation, we are involved in this process, which resulted in new models of colour monitors for our doorphone systems, which are part of our offer.

Video monitors to digital doorphones cd-2502/cd-3100

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Wideomonitor MVC-6850

MVC-6651 is a large, hands-free monitor designed to digital systems, which is made of ABS plastic painted with a silver lacquer. It is designed for digital doorphone systems CD-2502 and CD-3100.

In the monitor, we have used exceptionally large, TFT colour display with 7'' diagonal. Large functional buttons ensure easy monitor service while easily available regulatory components enable to adjust volume, contrast and image brightness.

The monitor is also equipped with a button, which allow user to control an additional device, e.g. a gate-drive or light a staircase. The button is backlit with a diode, which can indicate for instance opening/closing of the gate.

It is possible to connect an additional camera or BVC-6301 storied panel. After connecting a bell button, it can serve as a doorbell.

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Wideomonitor MVC-6850B

MVC-6850 is a modern monitor designed for digital systems CD-2502 and CD-3100, which is characterized by compact size, excellent image and sound parameters and an extremely attractive price. The monitor is equipped with a handset to run a conversation and a colour LCD display with 2,36ÔÇŁ diagonal. Available buttons enable to control a door release or an additional device (e.g., a gate-drive), and to switch on/off the preview image on the screen. An additional button can work in two modes: control at any time or during an active call connection.

The monitor ensures two-step volume adjustment and switching off calling signal. Calling switching off is indicated with a red LED diode. It is possible to connect an additional camera or storied panel. After connecting a bell button, it can serve as a doorbell.

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Panel pi─Ötrowy BVC-6501

It can serve as an additional access control point. Using a button in the panel you can start calling in the monitor, and if the call is received to hold a conversation. The tenant can observe its interlocutor on the colour screen and run a door release blocking an additional entrance. The panel has a LED illuminator enabling obtaining an image of the interlocutor in low light. The panel is made of metal casting and is characterized by compact size.

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