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moduł KAM-3

KAM-3 and KAM-3P modules are designed for outdoor panels used in digital video systems CD-2502 and CD-3100. By default, panels are made in audio version, however they are adjusted to have a camera module mounted and to be used in video version The module consists of a colour camera and PCB board with impedance transformer, which are mounted on a metal base. KAM-3 and Kam-3P module design enables to adjust the camera position. The modules are designed for different types of outdoor panels and they differ in method of attaching in the panel. .

  • KAM-3P Module to outdoor panels made of galvanized sheet painted with powdery coating.
  • KAM-3 Module to stainless steel (inox) outdoor panels.

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moduł przycisku do LY-8

Module enables to control an additional button, for example, a gate drive or staircase lighting. It can be installed in both new and already mounted devices.

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PW-1 module is used for additional calling signalling. It is a circuit mounted inside uniphone, which starts during calling an additional invigilator of any type (most often accoustic or optical) powered with AC 12-24V. In case of hard of hearing people, PW-1 module can switch on any accoustic invigilator, for example, one used in alarm systems. In case of the deaf, PW-1 module can signal calling switching on the light. .

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