Nowe spojrzenie na bezpieczeństwo


A new approach to safety

Following our mission, together with our stakeholders we create a sense of safety, resulting from partnership relationships and the highest commercial ethics.

We are one of the largest Polish manufacturers of modern, digital video and audio doorphone systems. We have been operating on the market for 30 years. We use proven, advanced technologies and our own, innovative solutions. Devices from Laskomex raise the bar for the safety of housing estate and single-family housing residents, as well as the users of public facilities. Our business operates in over a dozen countries, including Russia, Lithuania, Estonia, Hungary, Romania, Belarus, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Spain, Germany, France and the United States.

With focus on the development of our customer base and tightening partnership relationships, we provide technical consultation in designing and installing doorphone systems, as well as free-of-charge training for installers and designers. We offer our investors assistance in establishing relationships with reliable, proven installers. We guarantee a first-class warranty and postwarranty service.

The systems

Resistance to acts of vandalism. Outdoor panels are designed and manufactured to resist the destructive effects of atmospheric conditions and acts of vandalism.

Electronic key reader.Outdoor panels have RFID proximity key readers and iButton touch key readers installed within them.

Combination lock function. Each premise has a unique, fourdigit code; inputting the code using a keyboard on the doorphone initiates release of the entry lock.

Universal structure. CD-3100 and CD-2502 are available as audio systems in their standard versions. Outdoor panels offer the possibility of installing a video camera module, thus enabling use of the systems in a visual version.

Customers choose us

  1. We are a stable company, operating on the market for nearly 30 years. We guarantee our customers continuity of supply, a warranty and post-warranty service, and a free-of-charge technical consultation and training system for distributors and installers.
  2. We have extensive experience in designing and manufacturing doorphone devices. In manufacturing, we take into account customers’ suggestions; therefore, our products are perfectly adjusted to the needs of the occupants of modern residential buildings.
  3. Our designers constantly utilise cutting-edge solutions and technologies, which makes the use of our door devices convenient and simple. We attach great importance to the working comfort of installers, taking care to ensure that the installation and maintenance of our devices is convenient and simple.
  4. Our devices find broad application in residential construction. They are used both in multi-family and single-family buildings. With Laskomex products, you can build a system for a single staircase in a residential block or a closed housing estate with multiple entrances.
  5. Our doorphones provide a range of useful, practical functions. One of these is the combination lock feature, due to which you can enter a building by typing a code on a keyboard located on the outdoor panel. Furthermore, doorphones can be equipped with electronic key readers: touch keys (iButton) or a proximity key (RFID). Uniphone parameters can be personalised for each location. Crucially, this can be done quickly and simply by users themselves, without the need for an installer or maintenance technician to reprogram the system.
  6. Laskomex products can be easily and practically extended with further elements; it is also possible to connect several independent doorphone systems into a single, comprehensive system. We guarantee compliance between the devices and digital systems that we produce. The elements of digital doorphones included in this offer are compatible with the digital components of doorphones produced in previous versions.
  7. We offer proven solutions, which have been appreciated for many years across Europe. Smart design and a solid structure with durable materials protect our devices against acts of vandalism and destructive atmospheric conditions. Our presence on the Russian market, where doorphones operate in the most difficult climatic conditions, is strong confirmation of the durability of our devices



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