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The use of digital doorphone CD-3100.

Domofon cyfrowy CD-2502

  • CD-3100 doorphone is designed for multi entry buildings and for objects where there are long distances between the outdoor panel and the electronic cassette.
  • It operates from 1 to 4 main entrances (e.g., entrances to the fenced property).
  • Digital doorphone CD-3100 operates from 1 to 3 entrances in each staircase.
  • It operates up to 64 staircases.
  • It operates up to 255 uniphones in each staircase.
  • Max. distance between an electronic cassette and an outdoor panel is 150m with local feeding of the outdoor panel. This distance can be increased by using larger cross-section cables.
  • Max. distance between an electronic cassette and an outdoor panel is 50m with panel feeding from the cassette.
  • Max. distance between an electronic cassette and a uniphone (monitor) is 150m. This distance can be increased by using larger cross-section cables.

Features of digital doorphone CD-3100.

  • The doorphone is available in audio or video version.
  • Outdoor panels are adjusted to have a camera module installed. This makes doorphone in audio version possible to be transformed into a video version. The exception is panels with a miniature list of tenants, where there is no possibility of mounting the camera module.
  • The camera module enables to adjust the field of view of the camera.
  • A keyboard in outdoor panels serves as a combination lock.
  • It operates an electronic key reader.
  • Outdoor panels have an optical keyboard.
  • It uses stainless steel and galvanized sheet painted with powdery coating panels.
  • Doorphone installation is very easy. In audio version, two wires are required to connect an electronic cassette and uniphones. In video version, twisted-pair cable (UTP cat. 5) is required.
  • Symmetrical video signal transmission ensures excellent image parameters.
  • Wide range of outdoor panels, uniphones and monitors.
  • It is possible to connect additional cameras to monitors and to chosen models a storied panel.
  • It uses one kind of electronic cassette, in which the installer defines what type of entrance it will support (main/subordinate entrance).
  • It can work in one of several apartments numbering mode.
  • Wide range of doorphone configurable parameters.
  • Installation procedure enables run of the doorphone.
  • PIN code protects panels against theft.
  • Menu allows users among others to change the length, volume and tone of the calling.

Compatibility with older models

Digital doorphone CD-3100 is based on experience gained in the design and manufacture of CD-3000 doorphone, however, introduced changes do not allow for the use of CD-3100 elements as counterparts to parts used in previous models, in particular in CD-3000 doorphone.
CD-3100 doorphone elements (electronic cassette, outdoor panels) cannot be used as counterparts to CD-2502 system but both systems can co work with each other.

Cooperation with CD-2502 doorphone

CD-2502 and CD-3100 doorphones have different uses, but both systems have been designed in such a way as to complement each other. Their unique features and possible cooperation allow for the construction of complex doorphone systems, which components are optimally matched to user requirements and building design.

For instance, in a fenced property with two gates and four staircases, CD-3100 doorphone will be used to operate the gates, because it provides the ability to connect several panels in one electronic cassette, and the allowable distance between the outdoor panel and the electronic cassette are much greater. CD-2500 doorphones will be installed in staircases, because only one entrance carries for each staircase and there is no need for more expensive CD-3100 system.

Elements to digital doorphone CD-3100

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